Haaretz Reveals Items of Pacification with Hamas In Gaza.

Haaretz Reveals Items of Pacification with Hamas In Gaza.

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The Military analyst in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper, Amos Harel, wrote on Sunday morning that the Egyptian pacification proposal between Israel and Hamas guaranteed a cease-fire between the two sides where economic facilities for Gaza will be provided in return.

The first step of pacification proposal includes cease launching the arson balloons and kites in return of the opining of crossing points and extending the fishing area, until starting negotiations to achieve funded humanitarian projects by the international community to move forward to the negotiation level about the completion of prisoners exchange deal, according to Harel.

The military analyst quoted from Arab press sources the proposal includes a complete cessation of
The demonstrations, rallies and security activities on the Gaza borders with Israel also cease launching the incendiary balloons and kites.

Israel will open the commercial crossroads and provision of electricity, furthermore, allowing to get the goods into Gaza that were illegal before, he added.

Harel pointed out that the pacification proposal includes the construction of a Gazan seaport in the Egyptian lands specifically in Al-Esmaeelia area and the Gazans free to use Al-Areesh airport, furthermore, build a Gazan electrical power plant in Sinai.

According to the analyst Harel, the negotiations will be accelerated about the Israeli soldiers, who were imprisoned by Hamas in Gaza Strip, after applying the proposal`s items under the Egyptian auspices, he also pointed out there are disputes between the Israeli Cabinet members about whether to accept the Egyptian pacification proposal items or not.

He also added there are those who approved this proposal in order to avert Israel from the specter of war, and to not be dragged to a military confrontation with Hamas in Gaza.

Written by: Tariq Al-sharif

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