The White House Calls For a Change in UNRWA’s Mandate

The White House Calls For a Change in UNRWA’s Mandate

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Written by: Doaa Abu Rass

The White House official called for a change in the mandate of UNRWA after it was considered as the causative of continuing and aggravating the refugee crisis.

Israeli newspaper” Haaretz” reported from unnamed W.H official: “the financial situation of UNRWA has not been sustainable for a long time. For years, we have expressed the need for new voluntary funding sources, the sharing of the financial burden among donors, and finding ways to reduce it”.

He Continued:” the refugee crisis and must be changed; this will only allow the Palestinian to reach their full potential”.

His statement came after Foreign Policy magazine revealed e-mails sent by Jared Kouchner, senior advisor to the US president and his son-in-law, calling for an end to UNRWA agency’s work as a liquidation in favor of peace and the Palestinian people.

The US official did not letting on the details of the change that he sees on the mandate of “UNRWA”, but the Palestinian presidency considered that there is a US attempt to liquidate the issue and to remove the file of refugees from the negotiating table.

The presidency said: “The conspiracies aimed to liquidate the Palestinian issue is still continuing, after leaks to the magazine, Foreign Policy, a US plan to terminate the work of the UN agency”.

“Deal of the Century” is a media label for Washington’s efforts to end the Palestinian cause, and conflicting reports about the terms of this deal, which have been talking several times about the date of announcement, and then postponed.

Since the arrival of the administration of US President Donald Trump, the United States was the largest donor to UNRWA. But since then, the US administration has significantly reduced US aid to the agency.

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