Channel 10: Israel Retracts Its Promises to Egypt

Channel 10: Israel Retracts Its Promises to Egypt

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Written by: Doaa Abu Rass

Channel 10 said Tuesday: “Israel retracted its promises to Egypt and set not only a new condition for lifting the siege on but also a new condition for achieving a truce agreement with Hamas”.

It pointed out that Israel had practically retracted its promises to the Egyptian side and required information on its captured soldiers with Hamas, in return for the opening of Kerem Shalom crossing and the expanding of the fishing area in the Gaza Strip.

The channel added that Israel refuses to lift the siege, only after obtaining information about its soldiers, and enter into negotiations to return them. According to the Hebrew channel, Hamas rejected this condition, and considers it an attempt to thwart Egyptian efforts to reach a calm, and insists on its condition for the release of ex-prisoners Shalit deal”, in exchange for any information about the Israeli soldiers. ”

On Tuesday, Israeli Justice Minister, Elit Shaked, said: “there is no point in reaching a truce with Hamas without the return of soldiers and the disarmament of Gaza”.

She added:” I did not believe a truce could be reached between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Moreover, the truce agreement will give Hamas the opportunity to continue its military strength “.

In addition, she pointed out that the basic condition for any truce agreement is to disarm Gaza and return the bodies of its soldiers whish was held by Hamas in Gaza.

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