Alhayya: the UN and Egyptian movements are in advanced stages

Alhayya: the UN and Egyptian movements are in advanced stages

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During a T.V. interview with Aljazeera channel on Wednesday, Senior political leader of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, Khalil al-Hayya, said: the political efforts reached an advanced stages and hoping to reap the fruits of it.
He also pointed out that the UN and Egyptian movements could be in an advanced stages, he also added, his party demands are clear, end the sanctions, and the siege imposed on Gaza since 12 years.

He also pointed out Israeli`s occupation claim for calmness on the Gaza borders.

They do not ask us to cease the marches but they claimed to return the calm on Gaza borders.

He added, the sanctions have to be ended, also the blockade imposed by Israeli occupation.

He reiterated that lifting the siege and sanctions on the head of our demands to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians.

He also pointed out, his faction was shocked that there is a new Egyptian proposal and it is different from the previous agreement, expressing his appreciation to the Egyptian effort that they followed for many years and they wish them success and we encourage them to continue, insisting on that they are side by side with the Egyptian efforts.

And about the occupation crimes in Gaza, he said: we will not pass Alshuj`iya and Beit-lahia crimes easily because we are not vulnerable.

He also said: if we do not stop the Israeli occupation crimes, they will continue their crimes. Added, Israel breaks all the rules, talking about yesterday, Israeli army killed two of our members under the allegation of suspicion and our resistance will not pass this crime easily.

He said: Hamas received a massage from the occupation about his last crime and we understand it. This crime will not pass with no price and the enemy disrespect the agreements and human.

Written by: Tariq Ramy Al-sharif

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