About The Gaza Post

Who’s the Gaza Post?

The Gaza Post is an independent Palestinian news website, which is concerned about the Palestinian people’s news in the homeland and the Diaspora. It’s also concerned about the Arab World ( the Middle East) affairs as well as the International Community. It covers the globe round the clock in both English nd Arabic.

The Gaza Post’s main principle has basically nothing to do with any religious or political affairs, i.e. it’s a totally independent news website that won’t aspire to belong to any religious or political party no matter what the cost is, no matter what the temptations are. However, it delivers news in a neutral and impartial way. Furthermore, The Gaza Post publishes news in many different aspects such as politics, economy, culture, social, security, sports, arts, music and kitchen news.

The Gaza Post, is one of the successful media projects, sponsored and financed by Ink for Media Production (Imp) that is based in Gaza, and it’s represented by a unique professional and specialized staff in various areas of visual and written media production in both English and Arabic.

This team is led and directed by (Imp) owner and director Saud Abu Ramadan, who’s a veteran Palestinian journalist, who has been working as a journalist for 30 years.


The Gaza Post basically aims at covering the Palestinian political, cultural, economic, social, sports, artistic and tourism daily news. Moreover, The Gaza Post seeks to facilitate access to all information and to answer all questions on the Palestinian issues and affairs smoothly and easily to all of its Arabic and English audience and readers. Also, it sheds the light on the inspiring Palestinian stories and to highlight, cover and support the impressive humanitarian issues.

Our Policy:

To be committed to the professional media message in terms of accuracy, credibility, transparency and honesty through:

* Creating a Palestinian news website in Arabic and English that is concerned about humane, cultural, and social issues far away from politics.

* Dealing with anyone who serves and helps the Palestinian cause.

* Respecting others’ views and interpretations. In addition, we look forward publishing the successful stories and introduce them to the world as a self-motivation to the Palestinian people. Remaining away from all forms of mocking, innuendo, cursing, slander and defamation of others.

* Respecting all religions and calling for tolerance and love within mankind.

The Gaza Post is owned by Ink for Media Production Company, which is a profitable limited liability company. It was established by Saud Naim Abu Ramadan in late 2010, supported by thirty years’ of experience of working in the field of visual and written media in both Arabic and English. The company aims to offer the best service in the field of media production. It also endeavors to serve the central national cause and to create a new professional Palestinian generation of media personnel and journalists. Furthermore, it pursues to respect the rights of journalists and media professionals.

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