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The Gaza Post | The News of Palestine-Palestine Temperatures measured on land and at sea for more than a century show that Earth’s globally averaged surface temperature is rising. New projections by researchers from the Universities of Southampton ...
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The Gaza Post | The News of Palestine-Palestine Our brains process stimuli, such as sounds and sights, quite differently when we are performing a task outdoors, as opposed to doing the same task indoors, according to a new ...
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The Gaza Post | The News of Palestine-Palestine A bread loaf-sized satellite has produced the world’s first map of the global distribution of atmospheric ice in the 883-Gigahertz band, an important frequency in the submillimeter wavelength for studying ...
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The Gaza Post | The News of Palestine-Palestine You browse a store online for an item but don’t make a purchase. Then advertisements begin appearing on websites and apps you visit, reminding you of that item. These are ...
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The Gaza Post | The News of Palestine- Jakarta A group of suspected animal traffickers have been arrested in Indonesia for selling crocodiles, pythons and other protected species through Facebook and the messaging service WhatsApp, police said Wednesday. ...
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The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Geneva A dozen countries have agreed to advance their annual contributions to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees to help it plug a major shortfall after a partial cut-off of US funding, its ...
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The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Africa Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan have agreed to establish railways and roads to connect them to each other, Khartoum’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour said yesterday. The presidents of the three countries met on ...
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The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Afghanistan A strong magnitude 6.1 earthquake rattled Pakistan and Afghanistan on Wednesday, including the capital cities of both countries, killing a young Pakistani girl and injuring five others, officials said. At least three ...
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The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Afrin Syrian Kurdistan,— Turkish air strikes pounded the Kurdish region of Afrin in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) on Tuesday and fighting raged on two fronts as Ankara pursued its offensive against the Kurdish enclave. ...
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Protest-against-US-decision-to-recognize-Jerusalem as Israel capital
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The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-West Bank  Palestinian activists  called for the US security office in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah to be closed in protest against America’s recognition  of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. During their ...
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Israeli arrests
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The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-West Bank Israeli occupied soldiers abducted, on Tuesday at dawn, fifty-four Palestinians from several parts of the occupied West Bank, including 33 in Jerusalem Al-Quds, after invading their homes and violently searching them, ...
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Protesters rally to demand the release of Ahed Tamimi
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The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-New York A rally has been held at a train station in New York’s Penn Station to demand the release of Ahed Tamimi, the young Palestinian activist detained by Israel. The 17-year-old has ...
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Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec
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The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Tehran Slovenia’s parliament is expected to recognize the State of Palestine, as the Foreign Affairs Committee of the legislature will vote Wednesday on a draft resolution, with the backing of Foreign Minister Karl ...
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