Gaza Post_Jerusalem A European Commission official in Jerusalem said yesterday that the European Union will continue providing financial support to the Palestinian Authority without any reduction. “There is ...
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Migrants boats
The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Europe Some 50 people have died after trying to migrate to Europe when their boat capsized off the coast of Tunisia. The country ...
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Lionel Messi
The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Brussels Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi may register his name as a trademark for sports equipment and clothing, the EU’s second highest court ...
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Gaza strip main
The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Gaza Hamas denied reports that it has received a proposal offering for the EU to run the Gaza Strip. Senior Hamas political leader ...
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Federica Mugherini
The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Europe EU representative Mogherini has called on Turkey, Russia and Iran, which are the guarantors of Astana process, to take necessary steps to ...
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British Prime Minister Theresa May
The Gaza Post| The News of Palestine-London The UK must accept the prospect of Northern Ireland staying in the EU customs union with oversight by the European Court ...
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European Union
main Palestine
The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Palestine The European Union has approved a new package of aid worth 42.5 million euros (nearly $53m) to help the Palestinians build their ...
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The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Tehran  Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman said on Monday that the relations between Iran and Europe are increasing, hoping that the relations continue to ...
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main Palestine
The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Ramallah Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will call on the EU to officially recognize the state of Palestine during a Monday meeting with ...
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The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Beijing Britain and China pledged Saturday to promote London as a center for offshore use of Beijing’s currency and cooperate in clean energy ...

Federica Mogherini
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The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Palestine EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini said  that the EU is ready to help the Gaza Strip and the West Bank to ...

US, European police say ‘dark web’ markets shut down
The Gaza Post | The News of Palestine – Washington US and European police on Thursday announced the shutdown of two huge “dark web” marketplaces that allowed the ...

The Gaza Post | The News of Palestine – Brussel The European Union’s police agency called Wednesday for better awareness and tougher, targeted legislation to tackle cybercrime in ...